Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much

Written by: Allia Zobel Nolan – Cartoons by Nicole Hollander


Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.
ISBN-10: 075731872X
ISBN-13: 9780757318726
80 pages
All ages

Do you gather fur from your cat’s brush to make earrings? Do you reek of Feliway? Ever contemplated plastic surgery to resemble your puddy? Over-the-top behavior? Maybe. But for women who’re on a never-ending quest to prove their love to their kitties, cat codependent comportment such as this is the norm.

Now there’s a book that comes clean about what many would consider cause for ten-step programs and heavy medication: Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much. Written with compassion by bestselling feline author, Allia Zobel Nolan, and chockfull of hiss-terical illustrations by Sylvia cartoonist, Nicole Hollander, Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much validates the challenges women go through to do more, be more, give more to the fur balls who share (and rule) their lives. Then, too, it makes women entangled in this self- depreciating web feel better about themselves as they realize they are not alone.

“I know there are woman out there who try (many in vain) to cover up their addiction to pleasing their puddies,” says Zobel Nolan. “I’m one of them. So I reprised this book for two reasons: to throw cold water in their faces so they snap out of their dilemma and get a life (fat chance), and failing that, to let feline-addicted women know they’re a member of a silent sorority who find it impossible to look into their cat’s heart-wrenching eyes and say that callous two-letter word ‘No.’

“Women like us wouldn’t think twice about hiring a personal trainer to exercise our cats’ arms and legs while they nap, so the babies don’t have to expend the energy,” confides Zobel Nolan. “It’s just the kind of thing we do, and Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much finally clears the air about it.. I’m just hoping readers will find themselves in these pages and learn to appreciate and laugh at the things we do for love.”


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The Sunday Sun n November 1, 2015