Psalms And Prayers For Little Ones

By Allia Zobel Nolan, Illustrated by Tammie Lyon


Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN-10: 0736957251
ISBN-13: 978-0736957250
32 pages
Ages 3-6

The Psalms are one of the most beautiful, but not as well-read, sections of the Bible. They are a wondrous collection of heartfelt poems, songs, prayers, and thoughts written to God or about him. They talk to God about things like bullies, anger, and forgiveness, about feelings of loneliness, and even complain about things that don’t seem to be fair. Yet the language may not always be accessible to adults, much less little ones. To make it easier for little readers, I’ve picked several psalms that speak directly to a child’s young life experiences, with illustrative drawings and prayers that they can connect with. I’ve also included a “Digging Deeper” section parents and caregivers can share with their children to reinforce what they’ve learned, as well as a “Words and Their Meanings” sections at the back of the book. A great book to help you unlock the beauty of the Psalms for little ones…and yourself as well.


Rave Reviews for Psalms & Prayers for Little Ones

A review by Janice D. Green on

Another five-star review from Deena Peterson at A Peek at My Bookshelf

Never has a description captured the beauty of a book so well! The best and most important gift we can give our children and grandchildren is a love for God’s Word, and this little book is a perfect beginning.

Allia Zobel Nolan is a favorite of mine, so I may be a bit biased, but she seems to be able to tap into the heart of a child when she writes. Her words are carefully crafted for easy understanding, yet no loss of meaning. In “Psalms and Prayers for Little Ones”, Allia has selected some of the most beloved of the Book of Psalms and written them in an accessible language for children.

But when you read the passage, you’ll see that not a drop of meaning is lost. In fact, reading this book with your child may give you a deeper insight into the Word of God from a position of pure innocence and joy. Each reading is followed by a prayer, again with each word carefully chosen.

Inside you’ll find letters from Allia to both children and parents/caregivers, and at the end a brief and fun quiz, followed by a glossary to help with some of the ‘bigger’ words. This is basically a study book for little ones on par with more adult versions, but more fun to read.

And the illustrations are perfect companions for the readings, done courtesy of illustrator Tammie Lyon. She chooses vivid colors and carefree images to help illustrate the meaning and feeling of each Psalm, adding an extra dimension to a delightful children’s book.

My thanks to my friends at Harvest House Publishing for my complimentary copy (which will be going to my grandchildren!) in exchange for an honest review. You will always find truth and quality in a book by Allia Zobel Nolan…I guarantee it.