Harriet Hurry-Up and the Oh-So-Slow Day

Written by Allia Zobel Nolan, Illustrations by Alexandra Colombo

Releases August 2024

Most kids hate to wait. And Harry Hurry-up is no exception. The list of things she hates to wait for range from the oh-so-slow sun to come up in the morning, goopy syrup that takes forever to pour, and sprouts to bud on a potato in a learn and grow class experiment.  This whimsically written, rhymed, picture book looks at why her impatience gets the better of her most days, but is off the charts on one particular day, how she unwittingly slows down with the help of God and her Grannie, and why she is so in a hurry in the first place. A surprise ending will have children shouting, “Read it to me again, pa-leeeeze.” The book is the perfect gift for birthdays, and is just right for back-to-school reading.

This charming book also:

  • Centers on a universal challenge for children: waiting.
  • Appeals to children with whimsical, sweet, and simple rhymed text.
  • Introduces witty, saucy, relatable Fancy Nancy-type character.
  • Focuses on why slowing down is important.
  • Encourages children to trust in God’s timing.
  • Demonstrates how being in tune with their surroundings can help children wait.
  • Hooks children in with vivid, colorful kid-friendly illustrations.
  • Engages children with a story about feelings they can relate to.
  • Includes a surprise ending that will have kids clapping for joy.